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Assessment 1. Present your Client with a Project up- date
Due 15 May by 23:59 Points 10
Available 1 May at 17:00 - 15 May at 23:59 14 days
Assessment 1. Individual Presentation – Present your Client with a Project update
Weighting: 10%
Due: Week 10 (15th May midnight) No extension (Medical/DAP approval only) *see note below.
Length: 2:30-3:00 minutes
Format: Zoom recorded short presentation uploaded to MyUni. (Upload Zoom recording as
.mp4 files)
Industry requires consultants to present knowledge, concepts & solutions to problems in a clear
and concise verbal format. Strong communication skills are an essential part of professional
etiquette & a requirement of any position.
In the workplace it is vital to articulate difficult concepts to a non-technical audience. This
assessment requires you to present (a consultant style update of the Research summary, Industry
Project/case study & your progression thus far).
Inform your client of your recent research & progression to date. Suggestions include (where are
you developing your ideas, what solution if any have you come across, what would the World
Museum stakeholders find useful as preliminary information) and many more.....
Remember the 8 Business Requirements
Consider the 6 Topics
Timeline of implementation for your solution
Financial aspect
Special Considerations
Creative and critical thinking
You can use slides if you would like but you will not be assessed on these.
** You will be required to present information under a short time frame in your working professional
careers, therefore this task does not have an extension available unless Medical extension with
approved documentation or DAP provided prior to the deadline as per University guidelines. Only
students that meet these guidelines with approved circumstances under the (MACA) Policy will be
Assessment 1. Present your Client with a Project update? ...

Total points: 10
Assessment 1. Individual Presentation – Present your Client with a Project update
Criteria Ratings Pts
2 pts
2 pts
6 pts
approved at the discretion from the course coordinator.
No regrading or specific comments will be provided for this task.
A score out of 10 will be available only.
Professionally Organised
Organised material in a logical manner; consider audience stakeholders (non
technical audience) information needs;
manage time (2:30-3:00 minutes) -.5 penalty under or over time limit
2 Pts
0 Pts
No Marks
Research & Progression
Demonstrate a strong understanding of the workplace requirements;
contemporary and comprehensive knowledge of the topic. Evidence of research
& knowledge of business requirements & topics.
2 Pts
0 Pts
Professional Communication
Speech is clear and confident; No hesitation or repetition; Very effective volume
and pace (use of emphasis and phrasing) Eye contact effectively maintained
with audience, Body language confident
Professional presentation, (Dress professionally, professional background)
Creative in your delivery style; engage your audience
6 Pts
0 Pts
Assessment 1. Present your Client with a Project update? ...

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