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Help With CS544 final Exam Preparation Guide

CS544 A2 Final Exam Preparation Guide
Suresh Kalathur

• 6 PM to 9 PM (Monday, May 4th)
• Use RStudio
• Covering Modules 1 through 6

Q1 (25 Points) – a, b, and c.
R programming questions

Q2 (15 Points)
Random variables – R code to setup the experiment and add random variables

Q3 (15 Points)
Given dataset – Multivariate data - R code for describing the data

Q4 (15 points)
Normal distribution – R code to solve the problems

Q5 (20 points)
Central Limit Theorem – R code to solve the problems
Sampling – R code to solve the problems

Q6 (10 points)
stringr – R code to solve the questions

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