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STA141B Assignment 5 Interactive Visualization

 Assignment 5 Interactive Visualization

STA141B Fall 2020
Professor Duncan Temple Lang
Due: December 16, 5pm - NO EXTENSIONS I have to get grades to the Registrar’s office.
Submit via Canvas
Your task is to create an interactive plot.
Use the COVID data from the New York Times that we discussed in class.
• Draw a time series plot of the COVID cases for each county in California.
• Have the tooltips for each observation show the date, number of cases and deaths for that day and the pro-rated values
for cases and deaths relative to the county’s population, and the cumulative number of cases and deaths up to that date.
• Allow the viewer to highlight one county, with the others still appearing but in the background.
• Allow the viewer to select a few counties and have these appear, but none of the others.
• Allow the viewer to toggle the time series for all counties, and then select a few to add them back to the plot. (The
point is to not require the user to hide each county individually.)
The plotly package gets you several aspects of this. However, you can use any package you want.
The output must be an HTML (or SVG) document that I can view in my browser. If there are additional auxiliary files
(e.g. JavaScript, CSS, SVG, etc.) make certain to include those.
You might also allow the viewer to select counties by clicking on a map.
• Draw a map of the counties in CA.
• Color each county by the percent
• Animate the color for each county over time.
You can also do this for the entire country, at the state and the county level.
An example for the world-wide data is https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/animated-world-map
Other Visualizations
You can also suggest other visualizations that you would like to work on instead of the Bonus visualization
above Please describe to me what you are planning to do before you start. For this, you can use Shiny if you want.
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