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C++ quiz
1) All questions are single choice by default, except for those marked multiple choices.

1. Which module is not in the common layer? ( )
B. Functions
C. TX/RX module
D. Trace, eLog

2. Which is not correct about the common layer? ( )
A. common layer Contains classes that are used by other layers, math functions, frameworks, etc.
B. All layers can depend on common layer
C. Modules in Common layer have dependencies to other layers
D. DB belongs to the common layer

3. The best way to get the control Hardware info in Service layer or above layers is? ( )
A. define a macro of control Hardware info in service layer directly
B. create a new interface to read from the DB.
C. Communicate with hardware directly
D. All above

4. Which interface is not in the O&M layer? ( )
D. Fault Manager

5. [Multiple choice] Find out all the right modules that belong to Common layer. ( )
C. Libraries

6. Regarding modern language features, which one of below options is not preferred? ( )
A. std::string
B. static_cast
C. typedef
D. new, delete

7. which one of below options is preferred in the new language features? ( )
A. struct
B. new []
C. nullptr
D. iterators

8. Which option about variable definition is correct? ( )
A. uint16_t m_deviceId;
B. Carrier_v1* m_lrciCarrier;
C. double pi {3.14};
D. None of the above

9. [Multiple choice] What are the correct descriptions about C++ standard library header files? ( )
A. Use the official header without a .h.
B. The legacy .h files do not place their symbols in the std namespace.
C. Using legacy .h may lead to unexpected behavior.
D. None of the above.

10. Which is not preferred way to define the array? ( )
A. char ccPortName[8][4];
B. static constexpr std::array

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